Research projects at the interface of topology, materials science and scientific computation.

Students from mathematics as well as other scientific and engineering backgrounds are very welcome.


In particular, there are a couple of projects starting July 2019 the students can work in:

1. Studying the effects of entanglement on the viscoelastic properties of polymeric materials.


2. Studying aspects of local and global geometrical and topological characteristics of RNA in search for site-specific binding molecules.

Both projects consist in the Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations of polymers and biopolymers and their topological analysis using tools from topology.


Other current projects consist in:


3. Field Theoretic simulations of bottlebrush polymers

4. new measures of topological/geometrical complexity using knotoids

Graduate Students: Experience with programming in Python would be preferred. Topology knowledge is not required.

Undergraduate Students: Experience with programming in Matlab or Python is desired but not necessary. Topology knowledge is not required.

If interested, please email me at