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PostDoctoral Positions:


A post-doctoral position may be opening soon. The position is in the general area of Applied and Computational Mathematics, and in particular focused on problems related to Mathematics of Materials and Knot Theory.

The candidate should be comfortable with both theoretical and computational methods for the analysis of problems in these fields. Qualified applicants are encouraged to send their CV and names of references directly to Prof. Eleni Panagiotou at

Graduate and Undergraduate Research:


Research projects at the interface of topology, materials science and scientific computation.

Students from mathematics as well as other scientific and engineering backgrounds are very welcome.


In particular, students can work in:


1. Creation of new measures of topological complexity for open curves in 3-space using Vassiliev measures

2. Answering theoretical questions about the expected knotting and linking complexity of random walks in 3-space or under confinement

3. Studying the effects of entanglement on the viscoelastic properties of polymeric materials.

4. Studying aspects of local and global geometrical and topological characteristics of proteins in order to understand protein structure and function.


Graduate Students: Experience with programming in Python or C++ would be preferred. Topology knowledge is not required for some projects. Theoretical mathematics background is required for some projects.

Undergraduate Students: Experience with programming in Matlab or Python is desired but not necessary. Topology knowledge is not required.

If interested, please email me at

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