Upcoming Events

June 13-18, 2021 Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to                                        Biomaterials (21w5232) Banff International Research Station, Canada

Past Events

October 09, 2020 Virtual Workshop on Applied Knot Theory

October 10-11, 2020 AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting , University of

                                  Tennessee  at Chattanooga

Student News

April 2021:


Quenisha Baldwin, presents her work on "The local topological free energy of SARS-CoV-2" at Research Dialogues, UTC, 2021

Philip Smith, presents his work on "Vassiliev measures of equilateral random walks)\", at Research Dialogues, UTC, 2021

Tom Herschberg, presents his work on "The Topological Entanglement in Polymers and Proteins package", Research Dialogues, UTC 2021

Achok Alier and Arielle Beard, present their work "URTOPS: a topological study of SARS-CoV-2", Research Dialogues, UTC, 2021

Kasturi Barkataki, presents her work on " The Jones polynomial in systems employing Periodic Boundary Conditions", Research Dialogues, UTC, 2021

 Hemanth Kumar Mandya Nagaiah, presents his work "The entanglement of random braids", Research Dialogues, UTC, 2021

Jarod Wright, present his work on "The entanglement of non-concatenated ring polymers", Research Dialogues, UTC, 2021

August 2020:


Quenisha Baldwin presents her work,

"A topological free energy of viral glycoproteins"  in NSF REU icompbio 2020, UTC

April 2021:


Tom Herschberg presents his work,

"A topology user-package for LAMMPS"  in Research Dialogues 2020, UTC

Evan Gildernew presents his work

"Study of the effects of entanglement in polymer viscoelasticity" in Research Dialogues 2020, UTC