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Applied Knot Theory Group

We work at the interface of Topology, Biology and Materials Science. We are interested in the effects of entanglement in physical systems. Our focus is in both the mathematical theory and in the application of rigorous mathematical tools through computations and simulations to discover the origins of mechanical properties of materials and function of biopolymers.

group meeting May 10, 2023, Arizona State University. From left to right: Caleb Murshed, Eleni Panagiotou, Masumi Sugiyama, Ron Balaney, Achok Alier, Kasturi Barkataki, Eric Ren


group meeting March 12 2021 (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga). From left to right: Kasturi Barkataki, Eleni Panagiotou, Philip Smith, Quenisha Baldwin, Akua Korsah, Hemanth Mandya Nagaiah, Jarod Wright, Tom Herscheberg

Funding: Greatfully acknowledging support from


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF CAREER 2047587 and Grant No. NSF DMS-1913180. 


This material is based upon work supported by the Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium Pilot grant 2023.

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